Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ready for some football

As of yesterday, I officially live in Nevada, with a Nevada drivers license and plates for my car. But more importantly, yesterday was the start of the high school football season!

I wrote this story about a brand new high school in the area. I am not a big sports writer, but it was fun to watch this new team get ready for their first game. I also took pictures for the game as well as for another game.

I was not part of it, but our team did an awesome video for the game of the week.

The other paper in town launched a new prep sports site this week. Look at it. Now look at our coverage. Enough said.

Also this week, I did a video for the first day of school. It goes with the Home News' profile of a new teacher and his first day of classes.

And in case you have not seen it, check out our new weather page. (Yes, I know it's hot here.) Again, I was not a part of producing it, but I think it is the best weather page in the country. Here's what Rob Curley said about it.

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Allison Thelin said...

Good job Kyle! That all was pretty cool. You're right, enough said. I'm glad you like what you're doing!