Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One of a hundred

UWIRE released its list of the top 100 college journalists this morning, and I'm on it! A big thanks to those that nominated me and said such nice things. It's a huge honor to be on this list with some of the best people out there. I know a lot of other people that should be on the list. I am a little surprised that there do not seem to be a ton of online people on the list. Hopefully that will change in future years. Congrats to the other 99 people on the list.

Oh, and Howard, I was not on the SPJ list, but I bet you will have the same result with the UWIRE list. Students and schools are both to blame for not understanding the importance of building an online presence. Google me, I'll be there.

In other news, I have finished all of my finals and am officially done with college! The journalism school's convocation is tomorrow night and the official graduation is Saturday morning.


Anonymous said...

Excellent job a getting yourself placed on top of Google. Kyle I would love to speak with you about a Google Me Program that really works for students like yourself. So Google Me Jim Cobb I will be number one to.

C&M said...

Congratulations Kyle, keep working hard like you are and you'll get somewhere dude. :D