Saturday, May 24, 2008

Have degree, need job

This morning was San Jose State University's commencement at Spartan Stadium. I joined a couple thousand other graduates for the festivities.

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed was the commencement speaker and told us that we need to go out and be leaders. He also said that San Jose and Silicon Valley needs us.

Most of San Jose is covered today by fog and smoke from the fire burning in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I hope that the smoke is not a bad omen for the graduates.

My favorite thing from today's ceremony was a decorated cap. I should have done the same thing.

The more important event for me was the School of Journalism and Mass Communications commencement that was held on Thursday. It was a great ceremony.

Kevin Fagan from the San Francisco Chronicle was the speaker. He said that journalism is not dead or dying, but the business model we have been using is done.

So I have officially graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism. I am the first person in my extended family (on my Dad's side anyway) to get a bachelors degree, but my family has done a lot for me and prepared the way. I am really grateful for them.


Greg Linch said...

Congrats! That note on the guy's cap was great. Good luck with the job search!

DigiDave said...

Good luck in your post school efforts!!!

Obviously you won't wait around for it - but I hope when it's up and running Spot.Us could be a resource for you to work as a reporter and get paid.

In the meantime - go forth and conquer!!!

Congrats again!

Murley said...

Congrats, Kyle. Keep up the good work and don't forget us old fogeys along the way. :-)

JP said...

Congratulations on surviving! Now it's time to update your profile as you are no longer a sjsu student!

C&M said...

Congratulations Kyle. I wish you the best on finding a job and doing well for yourself.

To bad I couldn't go to the graudation and see you and the old editors graduate...oh well.

Good luck, you'll be fine. Don't be a stranger and drop in from time to time on my blog to see how your doing.

Anonymous said...
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