Monday, May 12, 2008

Advice for young journalists

Tomorrow is my last day as the editor of I have very mixed emotions. I am excited to graduate and (hopefully) get a job, but at the same time, I am going to miss this place.

Anyway, I am putting together a list that I can give to the rest of the staff tomorrow. A sort of going-away present. All of the staff writers were required to do at least three multimedia projects over the course of the semester. Almost all of them had never done something online before, but all of them fulfilled their requirement, many did more. Most of them did at least one video and one Soundslides. Plus a mix of other things.

I was really surprised at how willing they all were to try this stuff out. When I was a staff writer last spring we did nothing for our Web site and almost all of the students in the school seemed hesitant to even try producing online content. All of the sudden, everyone is excited about trying new things, and they have been doing a pretty good job.

I want to give them a list of resources and suggestions that will help them to build on what they have learned this semester and hopefully get even more excited about online journalism. Here is what I have so far. What would you add?


Innovation in College Media
Invisible Inkling (Spartan Daily alum Ryan Sholin)
Kyle’s Comments (that’s me)
Photojournalism From A Student’s Eye (Daily alum Daniel Sato)
News Videographer

Teaching Online Journalism

Common Craft

Wired Journalists
College Content Management

Blogging! or
An RSS Reader

Of course, there are a lot more blogs in my reader and a lot of other sites I visit, but I think these are the basic essentials. I also included some of the Daily alumni so they can see what is possible. What would you add to my list or tell young reporters to encourage them to become wired?


camccune said...

I think the most significant thing you've mentioned is to be willing to try out new stuff.

I'd also add Beat Blogging to the list.

C&M said...

Thanks for the list Kyle, I really appreicate the advice. I'm placing you on my favorties. Hopefully you'll od the same for my blog.

Good luck, you'll do great out there. Hope to hear from you soon.

C&M said...

Opps, spelling error, *You'll do, sorry. haha.