Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grant Park photos

I am no great photographer and have no training at all, but I enjoy taking photos and am trying to get some more practice in. My friend Joe Proudman invited me to go with him to Joseph D. Grant Park last Saturday to take some photos (he even let me use one of his nice cameras). It was a lot of fun and a nice little hike. I realized how much I need to improve, but there were a few good photos. I am especially inexperienced at nature and landscape photos, but it was fun to try. Here is my favorite:

I also finally uploaded some photos to my Flickr account. I will add more soon. So far, they are all from Grant Park and two groups of engagement photos, the most recent being my sister Kelsey (congrats!) (and Sam, too). I will keep updating my Flickr page at:

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C&M said...

Not bad Kyle. You have a good understanding - at least from what I can see from your Flickr photos - of lighting subjects.

It will be fun working with you in the daily these last weeks - too bad your no staying another semester, we could really use you next semester for photo online assignments and multimedia pieces.

-Carlos M.
Spartan Daily
Photo Editor, Trainee

PS: If your interested in learning how to get some real cool lighting tricks check out this blog:

*It's alot of help - it's for pros and amateurs a like. Enjoy.