Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's alive! Fresh content on

School is officially under way and I am still busy at the Spartan Daily. We survived our first issue and are now hard at work on the second. The new Web site looks really good with fresh content. I put together a slide show to go with an article about the women's basketball team. I also did our first news update video. Kevin Rand, the executive editor, stars in the first video. I don't think it is too bad for a first try. And today's video is even better, in fact, I think it is fantastic (I think). For both videos, I wrote the script based on stories the reporters were working on and then did all the camera work and editing. For today's video one of our new reporters, Liza Atamy, did a great job anchoring. Hopefully we can keep doing these videos every Monday through Wednesday. I am still working on some other video projects for the weekends. My next big project is training all of our new staff so they can do the work!


Ryan Sholin said...

Awesome, Kyle - the site looks great. Much better than I left it almost two years ago.

The player was the right call - it looks totally professional on the page.

And the "Other SJSU Sites" bit is really cool.

Kevin Myrick said...

Keep up the good work Kyle!

Andreia said...

Hi there! I found your blog by another blog......anyway I´m reading your posts, I´m brazilian so I can´t write in English very well, but it´s very nice to meet your page!!!


Greg Linch said...

Hey Kyle,
That's one of the best CP sites I've seen. Very clean, easy to use. Great job!