Saturday, January 19, 2008

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I have spent most of the last three weeks working on the Spartan Daily's new Web site. We have a whole new look, and it is much, much better, but I can not take all of the credit. Lesger Talavera, last semester's online editor, worked with College Publisher to get the new site designed. I have done a lot of tweaking since then. It is still not completely done, but it should be finished in time for the start of school on Wednesday.

I know the site is still not perfect, but I think it is pretty good considering that we are working within the constraints of College Publisher and an all-student staff.

With the site basically done, I can now turn my attention to working on content and training the rest of the staff. All of the staff writers are required to do three multimedia projects during the semester. We do not even know how many staffers we have yet, let alone how experienced they are, so they may need a lot of teaching. That means I am going to be showing people how to do things I am still new at. Hopefully it all turns out OK.

My goals for the semester:
  • Post breaking news throughout the day via a blog.
  • Link to other SJSU related news via Google Reader.
  • Do a daily news update every afternoon. Hopefully we will be able to do it on video and then pull the audio, so it will be available both as a video and an audio podcast.
  • Have a weekly video series of an interesting/funny interview with someone around campus.
  • Each week have three to five other videos or slide shows to go along with articles from the paper.

That is very ambitious for a newspaper that has only had a mediocre site before with almost no video, slide shows or podcasts. But the goal is to have the staff do the work and for me to teach, train and basically just be an editor. Luckily, the executive editor, managing editor, section editors and our advisers are all very supportive.

Later in the semester when we are more established I also want to work on a strategy to get us on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr and other sites.

Anyone have thoughts/comments/rude remarks about the new site or advice for me?

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