Monday, December 17, 2007

Time for the next adventure

It came up way to fast, but my time at WashingtonPost.Newsweek Interactive is over and I am now on my way back to California. At the moment, Suzanne, Koko and I are driving into Iowa (and I have already heard ads on the radio for wanna be presidents) on Interstate 80. We are going to detour and visit some family and friends in Idaho then spend Christmas with Suzanne's family in Salt Lake City before going back to Fremont.

My last few weeks in Washington were great. I am sorry for not posting more.

Today some of my photos are up today with a story about people cutting their own Christmas trees. I think they are some of my best photos yet.

Last week I had a story and photos about Santa Cop - where local police take kids shopping for things they need for Christmas but that their families might not otherwise be able to afford. The story and some of the photos also were printed in last Thursday's Extra. (That means the story and the photos are also on I really have hit the big time, with a story and two sets of photos printed in the Washington Post! (The other photos were printed not long after I got there.) I am still a devoted web guy, but it is pretty exciting to be a journalism student and be published in an amazing paper like the Post.

I was also able to meet Post owner Don Graham last week and photographer Bill Snead. I also was finally able to go visit the Post newsroom (they are in a separate building across the river) and saw Bob Woodward's office (of course he was not there).

I loved the time I was able to spend in DC. I learned a ton and had a ton of fun, but I will admit that I am excited to be home and see my friends and family. But I also miss some of the people I worked with already. But it is time to move on (we are driving over the Mississippi River right now). I am really excited about the next semester (my last) and am especially looking forward to working as the online editor for the Spartan Daily.

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