Wednesday, October 24, 2007

News from Washington

I was chastised earlier today by someone for not blogging. I deserved it.

The highlight of the last few weeks for me was that some of my photos were printed in the Washington Post! And I am not even a photographer. They were from the Morven Park Steeplechase. I wrote a short story and took some photos, which were featured on the front page of for a few days. A couple of the pictures were in the print edition of the Loudoun Extra section of the Post a few days later. Even though it was only a few pictures and it was only in the local section of the Post that was delivered to one small area, I still consider it a big accomplishment. I am actually doing a lot more photography than writing these days, but am really enjoying it.

Suzanne and I went to Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. It was fantastic. Jefferson truly is one of the greatest minds America has produced. His house is worth a visit.

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camccune said...

Shooting photos is really fun. One of the things I liked about working for a small-town paper when I was first starting out was that I got to shoot most of my own photos.