Friday, September 14, 2007

Busy Blogging

Sorry I have not posted here for a while, but I have been busy getting settled into our new apartment and working at the Post. I have still been blogging, this time for the university. SJSU is trying a new thing having students and faculty do short blogs for a few weeks to tell about interesting things they are doing. You can see my blog here, and read the school's announcement about it here. Cool stuff. Cynthia McCune also did a post about me on the JMC Journal blog. I also put a few more pictures on my Picasa page.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Working in Washington

Today was day two of working at the WashingtonPost.Newsweek Interactive. I feel very fortunate to be able to work there with some amazing journalists. These are some of the very best in the business. I am going to learn a ton, and have a lot of fun. The other interns are from all over the country and are pretty good at what they do. I am working on the top floor of a 12 story building, it is actually in Arlington, VA, not Washington itself. But there is a balcony that overlooks Washington, the view is incredible. You can see it for yourself online. I can not really say much about what I am doing. But I am involved with projects for and And today I actually met Rob Curley in person. Cool guy, and will be a fun boss!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Finally Done! (Almost)

We are done with our road trip!

Well, almost. I still have not been to Washington, D.C., but we are in Virginia. Suzanne, Koko and I are staying with some friends here for a few days until our apartment is ready. We are about an hour and a half from D.C. itself. I start at the Post tomorrow.

Suzanne will be working at a hospital in Rockville, Maryland, so that is where we will actually be living, but it is not too long of a drive for me to get to work. We are happy to be done with long drives and staying in hotels, but are still waiting for our own place.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Welcome to Tennessee

Tonight we are in Cookeville, Tennessee. We drove through Missouri, part of Illinois and the western corner of Kentucky before getting here. We are staying with my Aunt and Uncle who live here, about an hour outside of Nashville. I have been here a few times before, but always flew. It is a much different experience to drive this far. Other than that, today was relatively unexciting. Tomorrow we are spending the day here to go to church and visit with the family. On to North Carolina and Virginia and Washington, D.C. on Monday!