Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Don't just let me blog, teach and train me now

I guess I said something right in my last post. Shel Israel posted about it.

I think there are more and more future star employees like Kyle and employers need to pay attention now, if they want to attract the best and brightest members of the next generation.
Then Daniela Barbosa posted about it as well.
Future employees (and many suffering current ones) want to be able to participate and innovate in the ways they are used to outside of the corporation. It could be blogging, tagging, video creation, mashups- whatever just let them be. Enterprises that create environments that allow for this within their confine (there has to be some based on business laws etc.) will not only get the best new future employees out there but will inspire their current ones.
I strongly agree with both. Companies need to continue to innovate and look to the young ones in their organizations for guidance. I liked Ewan McIntosh's comment as well: "If companies don't take advantage of those currently making their coffees, doing internships and working in the lowest positions of the organisation [sic] then they'll lose out!"

As I pointed out in my comment on Shel's post, companies also need to invest in the future by working with colleges and universities in developing future employees. Even better, they should invest in education at all levels. Our public education system in the United States, at lest in California, is broken. Corporations need to take an interest in the future, or our whole country is going to lose out.

I had a nice chat last night with the head of the San Jose State J-school curriculum committee. The school is constantly trying to revamp classes and programs to meet the needs of students. But students need professionals to come visit them in the classroom. They need to do tours and internships (and preferably not unpaid ones where all they do is file and make coffee). Companies should try to be more innovative in helping students succeed.


camccune said...

Very cool. It's nice to be noticed. Now if only some potential employers would notice too...and then act on your advice.

Kyle Hansen said...

Rachel Lepold at Eastwick Communications had a nice post too: http://blogs.eastwick.com/communitystew/2007/08/09/as-you-wish/