Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Welcome to HomeTown!

As I mentioned before, I am doing an internship this summer for NBC11. I am working on a new Web site there, called HomeTown. It is a pretty neat site. It is still very new and has some bugs to work out, but we are working on building up the content and will be working on marketing it soon. Jeremiah Owyang wrote up a nice review of the site (but it is NBC, not CBS). We are trying to keep it simple and clean and easy to use but still be useful.

The idea is to build a site that connects people with their neighbors and community groups. It is as local as you can get. Here is a place for the little stories that have traditionally gotten looked over by TV stations that have a limited amount of time on air. People are welcome to post about the things that matter to them, potholes on their streets, graffiti on the fence, yard sales, parades, what ever they want. Reporters from the station will watch the site for story ideas and to add their own reports. People can also post reviews of businesses and restaurants. The slide shows are also a nice feature. Anyone can upload his or her photos and videos to the site.

I am really excited about HomeTown. Hopefully other people will be too. Like I said, there are still bugs to work out, and new features will come out gradually over the coming months, but people can start adding their content and creating new neighborhoods now!

What do you think? How can we make the site better? Is it worth visiting and monitoring and posting or is it a waste of time? Please leave your comments here.

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I fixed it, sorry about that.