Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Videos for the Spartan Daily

Innovation in College Media had a post recently that got me thinking more about the Spartan Daily Web site for next semester. ICM's post had links to some really good examples of college newspaper sites, so I have been browsing them for ideas. I also finally looked at the results of the poll currently posted on our site about what multimedia features we should work on:

Obviously the results are not very scientific, but it does show what at lest some people want. The big winner is of course "all of the above," which I expected, but I am surprised that videos got 21 percent of the vote so far. I was thinking that video was not a big priority for us at first. My thinking was that it would be better to focus on podcasts, slide shows and the like as we focus on getting the newsroom focused on online content. I guess I was wrong, if our users want video, we should give them video.

I really like the Washington Post video feature "onBeing." I also noticed Flagler College Gargoyle had a video series called "Walk and Talk with Jake." I would like to do something like these for the Daily. A video insight into students, faculty and staff at SJSU. What do you think?

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