Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Squeezing the middle class

The Argus (I just moved to Fremont, so I am trying to follow my local paper, but their Web site is not the greatest) has an editorial about the continued UC and CSU fee increases. It is old news, and I know I keep talking about this, but I think it is important and I wonder why no one else is saying much. The Argus has a really good point:

It's time to stop squeezing the students and their families, with the middle class taking the brunt. We can't keep raising fees without a negative impact. The higher we raise student fees, the greater the chance we lose these students either to other states or they fall out of the college system altogether. Either way, another great future citizen is gone, and we all lose because of that.
We really are destroying the middle class in California. The high cost of living makes it impossible to stay here. I love the Bay Area and have no desire to leave, but I don't know if I will be able to stay. I have been very lucky that I have been able to pay for school without getting into debt, but it has not been easy, and I have missed out on some of the things I would have liked to have done. SJSU has come a long way to overcome its commuter school label, but now we are going backwards.

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