Tuesday, March 06, 2007

San Jose is not a state?

I am going to post about this again (and possibly again in the future) because I think it is important.

Someone left a comment on my post about the proposed name change from San Jose State University to California State University - San Jose. The best argument: "San Jose is not a state!"

Come on, is that all you've got? Anyone who thinks San Jose is a state is not even worth worrying about.

His or her other argument: "San Jose State sounds like the name of a third-world community college commuter school, in Costa Rica."

I could be wrong, but I have never heard of a community college anywhere in the world that had the word "state" in its name.

I just got out of a press conference with President Don Kassing. He also thinks changing the name of the university is a bad idea. As he correctly pointed out, when the name was changed to Cal State in the '70s, there was a public outcry against it and within two years it was changed back by the state legislature. The university has been San Jose State for a long time. We should honor the school instead of demeaning our long and successful history by trying to change the university into something it is not and never has been.

That said, I am not "satisfied" with SJSU's reputation. I think we have a lot of room for improvement. But causing conflict with ridiculous ballot measure that will have no effect is not a way to improve the school's reputation. Instead, we need to do all we can to make SJSU a leading school for the new millennium. Let's build on our bast, talk about the good things the university has to offer and work to improve the areas where it falls short. I love SJSU and am proud to go there, even though I may sound critical at some times. I think that discussion is healthy and good for the university community as a whole. But, changing the name of the university is not a good idea.

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