Thursday, March 22, 2007

Election update

The good news of the day: San Jose State University students overwhelmingly voted against the proposed name change (according to Spartan Daily). I spoke with Jennifer Cauble, the associate vice president of marketing and communication. She was very relieved. She told me that they were getting calls from angry alumni who did not like the idea either. Michael Harold has promised to not give up his fight.

The other news: The AS election results have also been announced (here and here). And CFA members have approved a strike (here).

The Daily also had an interesting article about the problems the University Police Department is having. Sounds like the school is hiding something. We need to stay on top of this one.

I am also not sure how putting a projector in a classroom makes it a "smart room." I think that is like duct taping something back together and calling it fixed.


John said...

Ah yes, news snippets disseminated by Kyle. Did you know that you are by and far my number one source for news? That's right, you've surpassed John Stewart. Of course, this may be because I don't have the time to watch much TV. Either way, you're definately my #1 source for local news. Feel free to quote me if you'd like, something like, "Kylescomments is the only source I need for the important local news. - John Awesome, San Jose" Pretty cool eh?
All this being said, I'm a little concerned about your lack of faith in the magical powers of duct tape. It does fix things. Plus, from what I gathered the "smart rooms" also were equiped with sensors on the whiteboards that track the motion of the dry erase pen as things are written on the board. It's a cool piece of hardware/software that allows th digitizing and saving of otherwise temporary information draw on a board. It also seemed as though the classroom equiment is intended to have the instructor prepare their entire lecture with the and resources that a computer can offer. I say it's a good thing.

Kyle Hansen said...

John Awesome, I can hear your voice when I read "Ah, yes." It is pretty pathetic that I am the number one source of news for you, but I am honored just the same. I am going to use the quote, maybe on my resume, but let me clean it up a little: "You're definitely my #1 source for local news....Kyle's Comments is the only source I need for important local news," said John Awesome of San Jose.

I could be wrong, but the way I read the article was that some of the "Smart classrooms" included the cool white boards, and others did not. If I remember, I will ask Carlos for clarification after the break.

And yes, John, duct tape is amazing. It does have magical powers. It does fix things. But I prefer that my tax dollars and school fees be used to buy better tools than just duct tape. Then again, the $300 extra I am going to be paying to go to SJSU next year will buy a lot of duct tape...