Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Election day at SJSU

To all of you SJSU students: GO VOTE!

Lindsay Bryant has a column in today's Spartan Daily on the subject. It is pretty sad that only 4 percent of students bother to go vote. It is so easy. You can even do it online. (So there, I even linked to it so you do not have to go to the trouble of typing it into your browser. You have no excuse, now go vote!)

If you do not think it is important to vote, remember that your student fees are going up almost $300 next year. And mostly likely up again the next year, and again the next year, and again...

Some of that money goes to the A.S. and the leaders we are voting for today and tomorrow decide what to do with that $6.5 million. If you don't vote, you do not have much room to complain about how that money is being spent. So, I say again, GO VOTE!

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Okay, I did.