Friday, March 09, 2007

College students are all stuck up?

A study recently released says that college students are more narcissistic than they once were, MSNBC and the LA Times reported (Quotes below from AP via MSNBC).

Today’s college students are more narcissistic and self-centered than their predecessors, according to a comprehensive new study by five psychologists who worry that the trend could be harmful to personal relationships and American society.

“We need to stop endlessly repeating ‘You’re special’ and having children repeat that back,” said the study’s lead author, Professor Jean Twenge of San Diego State University. “Kids are self-centered enough already.”
I think this is an interesting catch-22. We want to teach children to have self esteem and be confident in themselves, but if we go to far we end up with conceit.

It is also interesting to note that the researchers say that technology has helped to fuel this problem.
“Current technology fuels the increase in narcissism,” Twenge said. “By its very name, MySpace encourages attention-seeking, as does YouTube.”
I do not think that college students are more self-centered than others in our society. Most students I know care about the world they live in and want to help others. However, we are trained to take advantage of our talents and to do everything we can to get a head in a very competitive professional world.

What do you think? Are college students all stuck up?

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A.Venegas said...

Andrew doesn't believe that Andrew is self-centered. Andrew just thinks that the realization that Andrew not only has a voice, but that Andrew needs to USE THE VOICE is empowering.

Social media, while inherantly egotistical, begs the question, "Is there another?" Ergo, it connects the "I's" into "we" like never before, enabling greater involvement and community.

What many call the downside of our generation, I consider an asset.