Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thinking about Blogs and Readers

I have been reading a lot more blogs via my Google Reader instead of just getting the latest headlines from news organizations. I am a news junkie at heart – okay, I am an addict – but I love that I can easily follow blogs and web sites that are interesting or cool. I can even share them with you.

Anyway, I have been thinking about what blogs I like and which ones I don't, or better, which I like to subscribe to. There are a lot of great sites out there that I would love to follow, I just do not have time. I do get the RSS feeds from Scoble's blog and shared items, so that helps me stay on top of tech news. I have noticed that Scoble and some others have such great blogs because they post lots of short items frequently. They do not need to be long, fancy postings, but a few sentences is fine. In fact, that makes it easier to follow. So I am going to try and post more regularly and not be concerned that I might not have much to say at the moment. Just a thought or a comment or an experience is enough.

There are two blogs I have been following this week that I thought are cool. The first is by a student down at CSU Fullerton that has been living in his truck for over a year and has been blogging about it. I found out from a cool story in the LA Times, but of course reading his blog is way better.

The other is the guy that had a big idea that he wanted to pitch to Google, so he flew into town and stationed himself in the Googleplex lobby. His blog and videos are great. Go Aaron! I think that everyone can relate to him. Many of us, myself included have a big idea that they hope they can get funded. He had the guts to yell out and get some attention, and it seemed to have worked.

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