Friday, February 02, 2007

Textbooks! (Need I say more?)

Here's a classic example of how college students are taken advantage of when it comes time to buy books. One of the books I need is listed at the Spartan Bookstore for $68 new and $51 used. Of course Roberts Bookstore is five cents cheaper on both prices. Amazon has the same book new for $58.01 (and free shipping). Since I know this is a book I will use a lot in and out of class, it is worth the few extra bucks to get a nice new copy, so I went with Amazon.

I know that they are other websites and places where many books are even cheaper, but Amazon is familiar, easy and trusted. The only disadvantage is that I am not sure I will have the book in time to get the reading done for the next class, but it is a risk I am willing to take.

I actually cheated on most of my books this year. Since I knew some of the classes I was going to take, I checked the teacher's website, looked the books listed on Amazon and made a wish list for Christmas. I sent the list to my family and said "If you are going to get me something, you might as well get me something useful." And happily, I got a couple of books for Christmas.

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