Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oliverio goofs

I really enjoy staying on top of current events and politics, especially local politics, so I have been paying attention to race for the San Jose City Council district 6, the district I live in. I think both candidates, Steve Tedesco and Pierluigi Oliverio, would make decent representatives. However, both have fallen into the trap of mud slinging. They both should be ashamed of themselves.

While I think both candidates would be good for the district, I have preferred Oliverio. He is young, innovate and would help bring much needed change to City Hall. I worry that Tedesco is too tied in with the old political regime and too connected in the business community.

We got a piece of junk mail from Oliverio today that is making me reconsider. Yes, mail from Oliverio that makes me dislike him. Tedesco has been the one slinging the mud and trying to make his opponent look bad. So instead of firing back at Tedesco, Oliverio decided to attack the messanger, the Mercury News. Obviously I am a supporter of journalists, and I think that Oliverio's mailer makes him look bad. If he can not learn how to deal with and work with journalists, he has big problems.

I know that reporters are not always fair, balanced and unbiased. But I know that they try really hard to be. I have been following the articles from the Merc on the race, and while they have been critical of Oliverio, they have also been critical at times of Tedesco. They also have included Oliverio's defense statements when appropriate. The criticisms of Oliverio are legitimate concerns, and I do not think that they were unfair. In fact, even after reading all of the criticisms of Oliverio in the Merc, I thought he was the better candidate and that Tedesco was worse for being so negative, but after this mailer, I have to seriously reevaluate.

Oliverio's weaknesses come from some of the same characteristics as his strengths. He is young and inexperienced. I think that is a good thing. Tedesco has been around the block before, he knows how to play the game and he has good advisers and friends in the right places. Oliverio needs to relax and have confidence that he is the right person to do the job and stop trying to play clean while he throws dirt back. Don't worry about what Tedesco says, just focus on the issues.

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