Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm a Mac

While I am a little biased, actually has some good content for today's online edition. There is even a special tech opposing viewpoints on Mac verses PC. I wrote the Mac part. I realize this opens me up to now be the victim of hate crimes from my normally apathetic PC friends. I am not an extreme member of the Macintosh cult. In fact, I use a PC every day at work. I just prefer the Mac. I will admit here, since I could not in the official column, that Windows has some cool new features that I hope Mac picks up on. I am still however, a fan of the fantastic new Apple commercials. I want to be hip and cool like the Mac guy, so I say: "Hi, I'm a Mac."

And for your viewing pleasure, here is the 1984 Macintosh commercial, played during the SuperBowl to introduce Apple's new product.


John said...

Hey, I'm a "normally apathetic PC friend" of Kyle. Boy howdy, I'd better get to work on those hate crimes.

Andrew Venegas said...

I'm usually a PC guy - that said, the lines are definetely blurring a lot and Apple is doing some REALLY cool stuff.

(Here's the PC in me) But what's up with the one button thing; do I really have to wait for a TWO BUTTON MOUSE ANY LONGER!?

Kyle Hansen said...

Until now, you were right Drew. I do like the two buttons that PCs have had for a long time. But the new Apple Mighty Mouse is amazing. Three buttons, a scroll wheel, wireless. It is perfect.

CA McCune... said...

I love those commercials! I wouldn't call myself a Mac cultist or anything, but I've used both and I'd much rather use a Mac.

Macs are friendlier. Mac users tend to actually like their computers. PCs are just equipment.

Grendel said...

Ha ha. My name is also Kyle Hansen and I am a professional Apple Service Technician. My buddy sent me your blog site because of this posting series. I will also admit to using PC's and to haveing multiple PC certifications (MCSE, A+. CCNA), but for all my personal use at home I use a Mac. The only thing I use my custom AMD PC (built it myself) for is Gaming. I use Logitech 7 Button Mice and absolutely hate Apple's old 1-button mouse thingy's. So I thought I would help you with a few little facts you can arm yourself with to defend the PC praising throngs. These are comments true of personal computers sold...not NASA or secret agent computers:

Apple was the first with a GUI (Lisa).

Apple was the first computer company to have a product with a color screen.

Apple made the first Laptop.

Apple was the first to use a mouse.

Apple was the first to use a hard drive.

Apple was the first to use a CD/Optical Drive.

Apple was the first to discontinue the floppy.

Apple Created the first Handheld computer (Newton).

Apple was the first company to use USB and Firewire.

Apple released the first computer with a 64-bit processor.

The list goes on and on. Like I said, I use PC's. And I don't hate Microsoft. I just notice how much time and maintenance goes into my PC, not to mention the issues of Spyware, Adware, Malware and Virus protection.

In a nutshell Apple creates and innovates, and the PC mass producers copy and market the things that Apple has lead the industry with. It has been this way since the beginning, and any PC user that is not aware of these things, or bashes Apple, is only publicly displaying their ignorance.