Thursday, February 15, 2007

Freedom Writers and Mineta at SJSU

Suzanne and I went to see the movie "Freedom Writers." It was fantastic, I highly recommend it. It is a classic story of a teacher who wants to help inspire her students, who are divided by gang violence in mid-1990s Long Beach. Reading books and writing journals literally changes the lives of these students. I have always thought that writing is an excellent way to improve one's self. It is a way to express yourself, but sitting down and writing about yourself allows you to reflect, meditate and think though your own values and beliefs.

Suzanne, my fiancée, teaches at the California School for the Deaf in Fremont. She could relate to the difficulties of teachers in dealing with administrators and others who think that you are wasting your time. Of course, there is always hope for people to change and for students to improve their lives.

In other news, my article in yesterday's paper was on Norm Mineta's speech at SJSU today. Unfortunately, I was not able to go, but Mineta is a pretty important national figure that is a local guy. It is a pretty big deal that he was willing to come speak at SJSU.

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