Friday, January 26, 2007

Spartan blogs and the need for editors

Sean Gilpin posted about the Spartan Daily Blogs, or lack thereof. He is right that we need to have a place where students can contribute, not just those that are on the Daily staff. There are enough stories and things going on there there is no shortage of content.

I am on the Spartan Daily staff this semester and it is hard to stay on top of writing stories for the paper as well as doings to do online. I am going to try really hard to keep blogging. I am also planning on doing some podcasts and other multimedia projects for the Daily and for myself.

We do need some other students to contribute to the paper's website. The paper's role is to provide a voice for the students. We need a way to combine the content from the paper as well as the Update News, KSJS radio, and other students' websites and blogs. It is a big project, and it will not happen all at once.

Andrew pointed out in his comment on Sean's post that we still need editors to guide us to good content. Newspapers are definitely on their way out. However, I also think that reporters and editors are still going to play an important role. One of the problems of the Internet is that there is too much information out there. Like Andrew said, we need editors to point us to the stories we need to hear. But those editors do not have to only be using original material. They should be linking to and quoting blogs and other websites all over the place. I cannot read every story put online, but I can pick a couple of bloggers and editors that I like and follow what they say is important.

That is the nice part of Google's reader. You can share the stories you think are important, and follow the stories that others think are cool, even if they did not write them, I do not have time to read all the tech articles online, but I read Robert Scoble's shared stories (via my own reader) so I get the ones he thinks are most important. As more people share the stories they like, it will be easier to find these amateur editors to follow along with some of the professional journalists.


A.Venegas said...
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A.Venegas said...

Has the Daily decided how to go about the convergence idea? How is it going to aggregate the podcasts? Is it offering everything in iTunes?

Anonymous said...

hey i am in the same mission as your brother and he was looking at your site i saw it and it really did not look very intresting and for a journalest major you should really try to livin things up a bit. take care