Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Let's organize!

Some people are concerned that our writing about the need for change at SJSU reflects poorly on the school. I disagree. I think that San Jose State is a fantastic school. The fact that students and staff are able to voice their concerns and make suggestions is proof of the quality. We all learn from each other. The point of attending a university is to broaden your horizons, see things from different perspectives and learn that it is okay to be wrong and change your mind some times. The best way for a good school to get better is to listen to the people that are around: students, faculty, alumni and community members. I am proud to go to SJSU and hope that I can help make the school better for those who will come here in the future.

As we have discussed some of the things that we students need to learn, it was suggested that we organize so that students who are interested in technology have a place to gather and work together. There are some pros and cons to organizing and being officially recognized by the University, but I think that it would be good in this case for us to have an official group. We do not have to do anything fancy, but we can get together occasionally, maybe have some food, invite guest speakers and the like. We would like feedback from students and others associated with SJSU to see what you think we should do. The more input we get as we begin the process the more successful we will be. I am going to go to the Student Life and Leadership office to get the forms we need so that we can discuss it more in the JMC163 final next Tuesday. Please let us know if you are interest in participating, even if you do not want to be an official member but would like to come to an event every once in a while. You can leave a comment here or email me.

Our first task is going to be defining what exactly the group will focus on. We could be focused on all new media, or we could just be journalists interested in technology or something completely different. I would like to see lots of collaboration and hopefully involve people from all over the university, not just the journalism school. Hopefully it will not all be geeks or engineers or anything else. A diverse group with different interests will make the club more interesting and successful.

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A.Venegas said...

That sounds like a great idea to me. I'm definitely down.