Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Blogging Community

I have been thinking a lot about JMC163, blogging, a new club, and Daniel Sato's online community. I think that we definitely do need more of an community feeling here at SJSU both online and in the regular sense. The Spartan Daily could certainly do better in this area, but there are other ways to make it happen as well. I found Sean Gilpin's post really interesting:

I have been looking for community information on the web about SJSU. I mean that I am looking for information about SJSU from students. I would like to hear what other students find interesting about our campus. Of course I could just spend more time talking to the people who are all around me. I guess that’s what most people do because I haven’t been successful in finding that sort of thing online.

There are several blogs by SJSU students that I have found, but they are mostly from Journalism students. I don’t like reading blog entries from journalism students because they tend to cover “the news”, which I can get by reading the newspaper. I am really more interested in something I can’t get from the newspaper. Basically I’d like to hear from students in an unfiltered format what they like or dislike about our campus.
There are a lot of bloggers here, we just are not all aware of each other. Many of them are journalism students, but not all. I think we all can try better to write about what is happening on and around campus. We also need to link to each other, make comments on each other's blogs and do everything we can to build a community from the ground up.

I know of two classes that are very active in blogging. One is JMC163 and the other is Lilly Buchwitz's MCOM 72 class. Both classes have students blogging and linking to each other, but there has not been much interaction between the two. So I thought I would start. Lilly asked her students to post about the proposed changes to JMC163 and many of them did. A few mentioned that they hope to take the class next semester. Here are the students that I saw that talked about JMC163:
Andrea Nutopia
Billy Passerino
Chris Bausinger
Cindy Diep
Megan Rocko
Nicole Lieurance
Rossa Dono
Sandra Santos
Tomoyo Ohashi

That may or may not be all of them; they are very good, insightful and honest views.

As I looked at the many blogs from the MCOM 72 students, I was impressed with the diversity of the class. Some students are journalism majors, others are advertising or PR majors. Many of them have recently moved here from other parts of the country or even from other nations. It was interesting to me to look through all of the blogs from the class. There are many different subjects and opinions from the group. I hope that they all continue to blog once the class is over next week. They are definitely a group of voices that we need. Keep on blogging!

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