Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The future of television advertising

I am back. I spent most of the last week in Idaho for Thanksgiving. It was a good time.

NBC has announced that Nightly News will have a solo sponsor for next week, Philips Electronics. The deal means that Philips will be the only advertiser for the half-hour show with three commercials totaling one minute and 15 seconds. That means that there will be five minutes and 45 seconds more news in the show. In the new Internet and TiVo age, companies are looking for new ways to get their messages to audiences. A half hour has never been long enough for the news anyway. Hopefully more companies will come forward with similar plans.

Another example of new ways of looking at television advertising comes from TBS' new show "My Boys." The show will feature Match.com in all 13 episodes as well as on the website.

The sponsorship is another example of an advertising technique that is being revived, decades after fading from the media landscape. Known as branded entertainment, it recalls the days when announcers intoned at the start of TV and radio shows that they were being “brought to you by” some name-brand consumer product.

Branded entertainment is returning to television because of its ability to interweave product pitches into the story lines of the shows that consumers want to watch. The goal is to counter viewers’ increasing ability to ignore or avoid more interruptive advertising like traditional commercials....

In some instances, they are even getting marquee billing in the names of the shows they are sponsoring, a throwback to the era of “Schlitz Playhouse of Stars” and “The United States Steel Hour.” For example, the AMC cable network announced yesterday the creation of an ad package to be called the “Lincoln Friday Night Feature,” sponsored by the Lincoln Mercury division of the Ford Motor Company.
I have noticed over the past few years that there have been many more instances of product placement in TV shows as well as movies. I think these things are all part of a trend that is going to continue to grow.

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