Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election night on TV

There is a great column by Troy Patterson on Slate about last night's TV coverage of the election. My favorite part, about "the first-ever election-night blogger party:"

As you know, and as the blogger may not, the term party carries certain connotations: If the people being entertained are, in the main, younger than 11, they expect to find cake, balloons, games, and maybe a pony. If the guests are any older, they show up anticipating alcohol, possibly drugs, a chance of getting laid, and maybe a pony. At this party, however, we saw a handful of Americans, none of them remarkably telegenic, sitting in front of computer screens in a Washington, D.C., coffee house. No ponies.
I am proud to be a blogger, and a politically interested one too, and I see nothing wrong with a party on election night with computers.

Unfortunately, I did not get to watch much of the coverage myself, but it did seem like they did not have much to talk about. After the mistakes of 2000, the networks are hesitant to predict outcomes too early, so we really have to wait until the next morning to see what happened anyway. All I will say about the results is that I am happy with some and not so happy with others. At lest people got to have their say on some important issues.

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