Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bloggers are journalists

I have been a little behind on news because of my vacation, but last Friday, a Canadian judge ruled that a blogger is a journalist! Blogger Charles LeBlanc was arrested while reporting on a protest last June. The judge ruled last week hat he was working as a journalist and that the police should not have arrested him or deleted the photos from his digital camera.

"Members of the so called mainstream media were taking photographs and filming in the same area without interference from the police,” the judge wrote in a 20-page decision. “I believe it’s fair to say that the defendant was doing nothing wrong at the time he was approached by Sergeant Parks and placed under arrest. He was simply plying his trade, gathering photographs and information for his blog alongside other reporters."
This is good news for those of us that believe that journalists should be free in gathering information and publishing their information. Unfortunately, as demonstrated by the Josh Wolf case, the US courts have still not been able to figure out how the First Amendment applies to bloggers.

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Andrew Venegas said...

crazy cool story... too bad it's not in the US. Here's to hoping though-