Tuesday, October 17, 2006

SJSU needs tech

We discussed in my JMC163 class today the need for San Jose State University to provide more technology for students to use. We really need ftp access so that we can post things online, on space provided by the University. The class is on new technology and tools, but many of the resources we have are provided by the professors at their own expense, or we have to get it ourselves. We are in the heart of Silicon Valley, and yet our facilities and equipment are way behind. I am not ungrateful for what we have, but it is sad that the school can not provide some of the tools we need. Professor Stephen Greene spoke to the class and talked about how the school really needs to proved more technical resources for students. He said that he visited a number of colleges in other parts of the country and they were all jealous that he was from Silicon Valley, but he said that they had better technological resources than we do here at SJSU.

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