Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Scoble at SJSU

I just got out of my JMC 163 class at San Jose State on new media in journalism. Today we had Robert Scoble speak. Scoble is one of the premier bloggers out there and had great advice for us budding journalists turned bloggers. The most interesting thing to me is the future of the field. It is kind of scary for those of us that love the news and think that they want a job in the industry, but we have to accept that fact that newspapers are dying fast. But, at lest according to Scoble, we should not despair, the jobs are still there, they are just online now instead of on paper. This class is teaching us how to use the technology that is going to be the key to getting these jobs. Scoble and others have already made careers in this stuff. And he had lots of great advice on how to get our blogs out there. Hopefully this blog can become a forum for people to express their ideas as well as being a way for me to express myself.