Saturday, September 16, 2006

Scary Voter Statistics

It is nothing new, but there was an article in the Mercury News on Thursday reminding us of the huge correlation between ethnicity and voter participation. It is realty simple, ethnic "minorities" and the uneducated do not vote. Here's the most startling, in my opinion, fact:

"California is the only state in which no ethnic or racial group constitutes the majority, with whites representing 46 percent of the population and Latinos 32 percent. Yet, whites make up 70 percent of the electorate, and Latinos only 16 percent."

My Local Politics class is going to be out every Saturday for the next month or so trying to register voters in a predominantly minority neighborhood in San Jose. It is really hard to get through to these people who do not realize the power they have if they would just vote. Please encourage everyone you know who is eligible to vote. Get them to register before it is too late. And then show up and vote!

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