Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Help San Jose Arts

I am not a major supporter of the arts, in fact, as a starving college student, I do not very often pay to support any art organization. However, I do enjoy theater and other music, and occasionally go to see musicals and other shows. I got an email today from the Chair of the Arts and Culture Roundtable asking for help. The American Musical Theater of San Jose sent it to me. He says:

"The value of the arts is immeasurable. Local arts groups bring soul and texture to our communities. Beyond the intrinsic value of art for arts sake, cultural enterprise is good for business. It creates a local culture that attracts the best and the brightest to our Valley and therefore plays an integral role in the success of the region. We simply cannot afford to go culturally bankrupt."

I cannot agree more, and while I may not be able to donate big bucks to solve all of the problems, I can voice my support. Here is a copy of the letter, and here is a list of contact information for the Mayor and City Council members.

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