Friday, September 08, 2006

Don't Let Your Resume Kill You

Part of my job as a recruiter is to look at resumes. Lots of resumes. Most resumes are ok, but every once in a while there is one that is really bad. They give us all a good laugh and then we move on. It is nice to have the laughs occasionally, but if you are looking for a job, it is not good when a recruiter is laughing at your resume. Here is my all-time favorite line from a resume:

"Despite my speaking impairment, I get along well with people and work well under pressure."

Now, I don't have problems with people that have speech impairments or any other disability for that matter. I even try hard not to discriminate against them. But they still should not put it in the resume. Any negative that has to be explained is best left for the interview.

Another candidate had a lengthy comment on how he thought about going into the priesthood, but could not really make up his mind. Then for his next job, he included:

"Food service, cashier and stocking at a convenience store. Owner was my cousin and she hired me whenever I needed work."

That's what we call too much information.

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