Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Big 5 Mayoral Debate

I just got home after the Big 5 Mayoral Debate. It was held at the San Jose Rep and sponsored by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, the SJ Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, the San Jose Downtown Association and the SJ/SV Chamber of Commerce.

The first big surprise of the evening was the very load protestors outside. I was not really expecting that, and I am not quite sure what they were protesting. There were people handing out information on various candidates and issues. I could not understand the really load people, but their signs were about ending homelessness.

The big news of the night was that Chuck Reed announced that he has reimbursed the city for all of the reimbursements he has received over the last six years.

Other than that, the debate was fairly normal. The usual issues and attacks. Overall, Cindy Chavez is a much better and more polished speaker and did, in my opinion, a better job. Of course, I do not think that someone's speaking ability is the most important thing. Cindy's performance actually surprised me a little. I assumed that this would be Chuck's big night. He has had the support of the business community while Cindy is usually closely associated with the labor interests. But Cindy definitely got more support from the audience. It will be interesting to see what happens. I am not sure the race is over; it seems to me like both candidates have a good chance of winning.

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