Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The beginning of a new University, not the end of the Skype story

Andrew has two great posts on the status of Skype and Skype Journal's Phil Wolff's speech last night. One is on his blog, and the other is on the Spartan Daily blog. You can also listen to the podcast of Phil's presentation in case you missed it.

I am of course very happy that they have decided not to block Skype, at lest for now. But honestly, I do not think that that was the major issue here. I can understand the University's concerns and reasons for the blocking. Overall, I think that they do a great job and there are some great people working for the University. We just wish that they would do a better job of including the people that are affected by their decisions in the process. It is all about having a conversation. I would not have a big problem if they decided to block Skype, but made the decision after discussing the issue with eBay as well as students and faculty, but that is not what they did. Hopefully we all can learn from this and make the decision making process more transparent and participatory.

I still think that Skype is a great tool that will benefit my education, and maybe the University is a little better now that we have gone through this together. I especially hope that Associated Students will see what happened and decide to be a little more proactive in being a voice for students. If nothing else, this was a great example of the power of blogs and the strength students can have when they voice their opinions. Now we just need to get people to show up and vote...

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